Before final publication in the scientific journal "Acta Catallactics, Journal of Economic and General Social Issues", each paper is reviewed by a minimum of two independent reviewers specialized in the field of work.

Each reviewer receives an anonymous, coded paper and a review form directly from the Editorial Board. The reviewer evaluates the work according to the instructions in the review form and states the necessary changes and suggestions for improvement of work, proposes a category of work or rejection of work. Papers can be categorized as original scientific paper, preliminary communication, review paper or professional paper. The completed form is returned to the Editorial Board. According to the reviews, the journal editorial board makes the final decision to publish and categorize the work.

The journal editorial anonymously sends the authors comments and suggestions from reviewers to improve their work.

Detailed instructions and review forms are provided to the reviewers in direct communication with the Editorial Board.

The review process is anonymous to authors and reviewers. The authors remain unknown to the reviewers of the paper, and the reviewers remain unknown to the authors of the paper. Also, the reviewers of one paper remain unknown to one another.

Prior to reviewing the paper, reviewers are advised to study the Editorial and Ethics Policies.